Count.down to moe.down XI

I was first introduced to Ron English's work by an article on JC Independent about the Downtown Mural Arts Program getting started up. His mural was colorful and pretty neat looking (see below), but nothing too spectacular. It seemed too "vector-image-y".

However, being bored this morning, I came across a link to the man's website ( His work is edgy, has a message, and incorporates what i can only describe as "texture layering". He reminds me of a more politically inspired Alex Grey ( Below are a few peices that i was particularly fond of. Check out the rest of his work, at the aforementioned link.

Lazarus Rising

Sonic Plume

Mandala Grin

Photo courtesy of drewcottrell (via

As the summer approaches, plans need to made concerning my plans for the music festival circuit. moe.down is always an easy decision. Cheap ($90 for early bird tickets), relaxed, and relatively local (Turin, NY), I've been to the past 3 years worth of the festival. The music never gets old, and there are new adventures to be had each time i go. My buddy Drew has apparently had moe. on the brain as well, as he's just posted some photos from moe.down 9 to his flickr page. See here. His titles are priceless...

I actually took this one.

On Saturday, my roommate, one of my best friends from college (Drew), and I took a trip into Central Park to enjoy the beautiful weather and shoot some pictures. I, unfortunately, forgot to put the SD card back into my camera and was unable to take very many (Damn you, memory!). I did get to take a few with Drew's Canon Rebel, though. All in all a gorgeous, relaxing day.

See a couple more of my favorites from the 300 or so we took here.




Find the whole set here.